Smoker and Barbecue Smoker with inspection window for hot- and cold-smoking

The Allrounder

-made of galvanized sheet steel or high-grade steel-

including 10 hooks, Smoke Spice and beech Smoke Meal

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The smokers are operated in the basic version only with smoke meal without any external heat sources.

For fast hot smoking, the smoker can be operated electrically, with gas- or methylated spirit-burner or with Feldmann´s Smokewood-Spicecoal.

Apparatus1: Smoker (20 fishes)

Height 80, Width 35.5, Depth 25,5 cm
You can grill / barbecue or smoke. Apparatus 2 can be stuck up for double decker smoking. Per Smoking process up to 20 fishes. 
(without grill-top) Art. No. 100
in high grade steel (without grill top) Art. No. 101
Grill top for simultaneous grilling and smoking:
Additional grill grate: Art. No. 102
Additional grill box: Art. No. 103 
Additional grill box (high grade steel) Art. No. 104
Additional grill side parts: Art. No. 105
Additional grill side parts (high grade steel): Art. No. 106
Additional Grill sheet metal: Art. No. 107
Additional Grill sheet metal (high grade steel): Art. No. 108
Angle for grilling and smoking with gas Art. No. 109
Angle for grilling and smoking (high grade steel): Art. No. 110

Apparatus 2:  Smoker

Height 65, Width 35, Depth 25 cm
Per smoking cycle up to 20 fishes Art. No. 200
High grade steel version Art. No. 201
Apparatus 2 can be stuck up on apparatus 1 and apparatus 3.

Apparatus 3:  Substructure

Apparatus 2 can be stuck up for double decker smoking of up to 40 fishes or for smoking of long smoke food (e.g. eels).
Height 68, Width 35,5, Depth 25,5 cm
High grade steel version Art. No. 300

Apparatus 4:  Cold-Smoking locker

For Cold-Smoking of large smoke-food or smoke-food in large quantity. (without picture)
Height: 150, Width 80, Depth 59,5 cm Art. No. 400

Bernhard Feldmann

Smokers and Barbecue Smokers
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