Smoker and Barbecue Smoker with inspection window for hot- and cold-smoking

The Allrounder

-made of galvanized sheet steel or high-grade steel-

including 10 hooks, Smoke Spice and beech Smoke Meal

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Smoking Tips / Operating Instructions:

Hot-Smoking (Apparatus 1,2 and 3)

Hot Smoking of Fishes:

Hot Smoking of meat, poultry, game with heating coil or Smokewood-Spicecoal:

Rib Feldmann´s Steak or Barbecue Spice or Smoked Meat Spice into Smoke food. Prepare smoker for hot smoking and hang smoke food in the grid or place the smoke food on the grid. Smoke meat can be ribbed additionally with garlic on both sides and has to remain in the refrigerator between 2 and 3 days. Before smoking the smoke meat has to be washed with water.

Simple Hot Smoking (with beech smoke meal):

(Best way to prepare delicious fish)

Hot smoking with electric equipment

Heating stick or Heating coil

Hot smoking with Smokewood - Spicecoal

Cold Smoking:

For Smoking of For cold smoking fill the smoking compartment to a depth of 5 cm with beech smoke meal and light it at one spot. The temperature should not exceed 30 &degC.
For preparing the brine apply the same method as given for hot smoking.
The meat should remain in he brine for 2 - 3 days according to the thickness of the meat. Finally soak it for 4 hours. Exchange water several times.
According to taste rub the meat with either pepper, paprika, curry, etc. to improve the flavor after soaking.
Let the meat hang for approximately 36 hours to dry. The meat should now be cold-smoked 4 - 5 times at intervals of 5 days. Hang about 14 days to cool (not in the refrigerator).

Double decker smoking for Hot and Cold Smoke:

(Apparatus 1,2 and 3)